Dec 12, 2010

8 Glass Jars

The first shots on an idea that got stuck in my head this morning. Inspired by Charles Dexter Ward's "Essentiale Saltes", I've been wanting to find a use for 8 glass vials I've had kicking around for eons. As I worked on the Bonewrack demon this morning, this little story crept in. The quick WIP shot first ampule is the Weeping Hag, a blind elder witch.

After a bit more detailing with sculpey, I'll switch to epoxy for seals & bindings and other decoration. This picture, for those with interest, is after the first bake using the ink/pigment-coloured sculpey. It's the first bake test of the idea being tested on Bonewrack. I'm slowly starting to get the odd 'aged' patina I've been trying for with this.

One small update for now- the simple & slightly stylized flames blocked in.

Dec 10, 2010

A demon, Bonewrack (WIP)

Thought I'd post these pictures from last week. I'd hoped for my camera to be fixed in order to post better, but that's clearly not in the budget before Christmas. As always recently, apologies for the blurry images from my old phone.

The bust is a somewhat random idea... a mix of a few things I was thinking about as I test an idea for colouring polymer clay. The clay is unbaked pink/translucent Sculpey, with inks added during alcohol smoothing. The inks are then being worked into the subsequent sculpting. Will it work? I'm unsure, as I keep finding more to change just before it makes it to the oven.

Out of kindness, I'll avoid further updates until I get the clear pics of pre/post baking. It seems a bit like asking readers to smear Vaseline in the eyes before saying "Here. Look!" otherwise.