Nov 26, 2011


Earlier shots of this fella were focused on the left side. I have a tendency to work from left to right, myself. I'll move back & forth to features, but usually in circles with each phase/pass.I made a quick round of reference pics before starting today,  and made a quick animation of progress.

Moving the aging & wrinkling over to the other side of the face and working them into some disfiguring scars. I'll move around to the ear, then circle around again for neck wrinkles & general skin textures. I've pretty much planned/imagined him through to hair & jewellery now

The fun bit of this set of progress shots is this... I've just noticed the jumble of crap piling up around the sculpt: incense, 3 x Budda (size small), an ammo crate on which sits a coffee-table book of ancient jewellery, oh... and a small alien in a jar (just over the demon's shoulder).

Nov 25, 2011

The early signs of age

The first stages of aging the character.

Nov 24, 2011


An idea in progress. Attempting to sculpt a character almost as serene and attractive as she is dangerous... this is Damasque, the Demoness.

I haven't really made all my decisions about the character yet. Arm poses and details in clothing, etc. are still up in the air.

Nov 20, 2011

Dreams of Demons

An attempt to capture a recurring image from dreams, this is a 1/1 scale bust I started on last week. I'm assuming that sculpting him will get him out of mind... or more firmly seated. Regardless, it gets some Chavant out of a bag & useful for the first time in ages.

Nov 18, 2011

Currently on the table:

I've recently become addicted to an MMO zombie game called Dead Frontier & decided to sculpt my own impressions of the infected found in that game.

The first WIP is a "Leaper"... A bit of a misnomer in that it does not leap (in fact, it's pretty damned slow about everything it does), but lashes out with it's extremely long tongue. Why it's not a Licker... I don't know.