Nov 26, 2011


Earlier shots of this fella were focused on the left side. I have a tendency to work from left to right, myself. I'll move back & forth to features, but usually in circles with each phase/pass.I made a quick round of reference pics before starting today,  and made a quick animation of progress.

Moving the aging & wrinkling over to the other side of the face and working them into some disfiguring scars. I'll move around to the ear, then circle around again for neck wrinkles & general skin textures. I've pretty much planned/imagined him through to hair & jewellery now

The fun bit of this set of progress shots is this... I've just noticed the jumble of crap piling up around the sculpt: incense, 3 x Budda (size small), an ammo crate on which sits a coffee-table book of ancient jewellery, oh... and a small alien in a jar (just over the demon's shoulder).

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  1. Thanks for showing the progress shots! I really enjoy watching how other artists work. This is inspirational!