Aug 14, 2010

Bas Relief (WIP)

Today was one of those days where I didn't feel like getting to the table full of half-completed works, yet I wanted to sculpt while watching movies with my son. Solution? Start a new project, of course!

I decided I hadn't really gotten into much bas relief sculpting for years (and even then, it was Celtic knotwork, not figurative sculpting). As for subject matter, I'd just been looking at Mirko Sevic's work the other day. I really like his style of illustration, but, being surreal, it's not an easy translation to 3d. It's a bit like trying to actually build Escher's architectural sketches, I'd say.

Well, I'm known to try new & foolish things every now & then, so this idea is a go! The pictures below are the original I chose & my progress over an hour & a half.

The clay used is my own bastard-concoction, an attempt to get the best qualities of wax & clay. To ensure I got the outlines right, I've sculpted on a glass plate over a print of the artwork. As for a WIP being framed... one glass cut was enough for the day.

Comments/criticisms are welcome as always.