Jul 23, 2010

Updates for the week

Just a little update on the Punkinheed here. He's been going a bit slower while I find more materials to finish the job. Poor Punkin's had a few overhauls while I decide exactly how I want him to look, in the end.

Sweetie, have you seen your Father? (Abbie, WIP)

I started this terrible tot last night, along with a few of her 'friends'. I admit, I don't do 'cuteness' very well, but I think this project line-up will turn that around for me, won't it? Here are a few progress shots.

Abbie's other irresistable companions will soon include a teddy bear with hedge clippers, the sibling rivalry of conjoined twins, and babies devoured by animal-skin rugs. See? Cuteness... Just like I promised!