May 18, 2012

Wherein, a half-assed artist tries to emulate a real artist.

Some time ago, I picked up a copy of ImagineFX featuring creature design. One of the concept artists that I latched onto was Zachary berger & his very original take on the cyclops. I find some of his work reminds me of Spiderzero (aka Simon Lee), which is a big plus, in my books. His idea has really stuck with me, to the point that I'm taking a shot at sculpting a bust, based on his artwork. I've only just begun some basic shapes so far. Hopefully I can do the concept justice.

With no specific scale in mind, (I had little clay, so used an old Christmas ornament as the head form), the bust measures 21cm in height.

 Have a look at more of Zachary Berger's work here.

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