Sep 19, 2010

A change of pace

Thanks to Twitter putting me onto the brilliant work of Jake Powning, I had a bit of a fire lit under my arse, so to speak. I haven't touched any Celtic Knotwork for years. Due to several issues with my last work in that area, (a 4' x 2' x 6" slab of limestone that lived in my kitchen for a year), I left it aside to learn new things. I forgot how relaxing & meditative it can be when you're not breaking toes en route to the bathroom at night.

I spent some time last night to see if I still have a hand for knotwork, and this is where it stands so far. This is a bird from the Book of Kells. (3" x 3", Chavant).

Chavant is a ridiculous material to use for this, but was at hand when I got all excited about the idea. I'll do some more here & transfer to wax for the finish. This might become part of a box when done. If all goes well, I plan to work straight from wax in smaller scale on future pieces for cloak-pins, etc. As always, feel free to comment & criticize.

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