Jun 16, 2010


Finally got back to a bit of sculpting yesterday. I feel like I'm late getting onto the Halloween work for this year already... crazy, I know. I've finished the basic massing on the pumkin-headed prop for this year & started a bit of basic detailing in the eyes, etc. The eyes are always important for me. I can't get the rest of the sculpt in mind unless I can look it in the eyes.

This head is about 3/4 human scale I'd say, but it's a huge noggin for a body that's only about 2' tall from shoulder to foot. I'm working in Chavant NSP medium for this & loving it as a material. I'd always used Plastilene in old prosthetics sculpts, but Chavant seems to have a much more 'waxy' feel to it which works well for me.

A couple of quick progress shots from yesterday. Today's task is balancing, detail, and getting some flesh on that body armature.

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  1. Have the urge to follow the contours of his face with my fingers. Can't wait to see progress on this piece.