Jun 21, 2010

A little body work.

Just a quick, early-week look at Punkinheed. I'm on to the body & testing ideas. I've decided that he's a golem, though he has elements of a demon too, I think. As a golem, he'd be composed of pumpkin head & vines, sagging flesh & bone... And maybe a handful of nails.

Here, I've been trying an idea I had to weave the vines in & out of his skin. The legs are almost completely vine-like, reaching into the ground like roots.


  1. My best gauge for whether or not a sculpture speaks to me is my impulse to want to touch it.

    And I want to get my grubby hands all over this one.

    So many wonderfully pulled and stretched angles.

  2. I swear, if I find just one person on my lawn poking & prodding Punkinheed this Halloween?...

    I'll know it's you! I'll keep cold beer handy in case :P